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Welcome to Aver Plan Managers, we are excited to have you on board as a new client!

The Plan Management team and I are excited to start working with you to create the perfect Plan Management service, tailored just to you, so we can effectively manage your NDIS Funds.

Our CEO Mahrianne Haughey directs Aver on the idea that not one size fits all. Our staff are incredibly passionate about providing personalised services which are tailored to suit each individual client, their personal strengths, needs, interests and goals. Our aim is to encourage our Aver clients to seek choice and control over their NDIS plans, decide how they would like us to manage their funding, and to what extent they would like to be involved.

By signing with Aver Plan Managers, your services will include:

  • Support from a team of Plan Managers
  • Access to face to face visits (state depending) or online Zoom meetings
  • An Accounts Team to process your invoices and reimbursements
  • Monthly statements to notify you of your NDIS funding
  • Access to the Rae Portal, which allows you to monitor your funding at any given time
  • Ongoing plan management assistance

We understand there are several components to managing your NDIS funding, and we offer our sincere thanks for choosing Aver Plan Managers to be part of that process.

Plan Manager

Aver Plan Managers