Privacy Policy


This policy seeks to ensure that personal information managed by Aver Plan Managers is handled in a way that is open and transparent and compliant to industry best practice.


This Privacy Policy applies to all Aver Plan Managers service users, service providers, employees, contractors, and community partners.


1. Policy

1.1 What information we collect

To enable Aver Plan Managers to effectively function as a Plan Management provider, they may be required to collect and hold the following information from service providers, employees, contractors, and/or community partners.

  • name, address and contact details (e.g. phone, email and fax)
  • information about your personal circumstances (e.g. marital status, age, gender, occupation, accommodation and relevant information about your partner or children)
  • information about your financial affairs (e.g. payment details, bank account details and information about NDIS Plan budgets)
  • information about your identity (e.g. date of birth)
  • photographs, video recordings and audio recordings of you
  • information about current and/or past employment or employers
  • information about your racial or ethnic origin or cultural preferences
  • government identifiers (e.g. NDIS client number, ABN numbers or Tax File Numbers)
  • information about assistance provided to you under the NDIS
  • information about services you provide to NDIS participants
  • your health (including information about your medical history and any disability or injury you may have)
  • case notes relating to interactions with staff or other service providers; andinformation about the supports or services you receive, including supports or services you receive or have received under the NDIS and information about the people who provide those supports or services to you.

Aver Plan Managers will only collect information about the individual that is directly relevant to providing effective service delivery or relatable to a specific purpose that the individual would reasonably expect.

1.2 How we obtain your information

Dependent on the information required to perform the specific function, Aver Plan Managers collects and holds personal information using the following methods:

  • paper-based forms
  • electronic forms (including online forms)
  • face to face meetings
  • telephone communications
  • email communications
  • Aver Plan Managers website; and
  • Aver Plan Managers social media pages.

1.3 What we use your information for

Aver Plan Managers collects, holds, uses and discloses your personal information for the following functions.

  • managing and monitoring participant NDIS budgets and supports
  • policy development, research and evaluation
  • business development
  • reporting and compliance of governance and audit functions
  • management of feedback and complaints
  • management of correspondence with other service providers
  • employment and personnel functions relating to staff and contractors; and
  • advertising and promotional activities.

At times, Aver Plan Managers may need to disclose your personal information to third parties to advance business practice. These may include Australian and/or overseas contractors such as software developers and/or Information Technology agencies to facilitate effective management and storage of information in an electronic format. All information disclosed to third parties will be done so in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and where possible all non-relevant information will be removed.

Aver Plan Managers will not share any information to other service providers or support persons without prior consent from the participant (or their legal guardian – whichever is applicable). All consents to share information will be listed in the client profiles on Aver Plan Managers Customer Relationship Management platform.

Aver Plan Managers will not release any information for the purpose of advertising and promotional activities, or post any personal information on any social media platform without the prior written consent of the person (or their legal guardian – whichever is applicable) that the information relates to.

1.4 Information security

Aver Plan Managers use ‘cloud based’ information technology platforms and take all appropriate security measures to protect the information stored on these platforms, such as password protection and multifactor authentication methods. Paper based personal information is filed in lockable filing cabinets.

1.5 Access to personal information

Individuals may request access to view the personal information that is held by Aver Plan Managers at any time, additionally they may seek the correction or removal of any information if it is believed to be inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant, or misleading.

In the event a participant requests removal of information or exercises their right to refuse provision of requested information, Aver Plan Managers will provide an assessment of whether the provision of services is still viable without this information.


2. Complaints

2.1 What to do if you are unhappy about Aver Plan Managers handling of your information

Aver Plan Managers is always striving to deliver quality supports and services and welcomes all feedback.

If you are unhappy about Aver Plan Managers handling of your information, or if you think we have breached our privacy obligations you can request a Complaint Form by email at or call us on 1300 283 776. All Complaint Forms are forwarded to our Quality Manager to investigate and follow-up with the complainant within 5 business days.

Complaints can also be lodged with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). The OAIC are independent and have the power to investigate complaints about a person’s privacy information. See the OAIC website for information regarding how to do this.