Our Process

Please note, Aver is currently experiencing an unprecedented influx of invoices and calls.
We understand this has resulted in delays to our usual queries and payments turn around times.
Our team is actively taking a number of steps to reduce these delays, including the hire of new team members and working extended hours.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.






The Service Is Conducted

The NDIS Participant receives their goods and/or services from their choice of provider.


Two Ways To Pay

The service can either be paid upfront by the participant (in this case, a reimbursement will be made from Aver to the participant). Or organise with the provider in advance that the goods and/or service will be paid after the purchase or service has taken place, via invoice.


Invoice Is Received

Either the participant, or the service provider will send the unpaid invoice to Aver. Aver receives the payment request, this could be a receipt for re-imbursement or invoice for payment.


Invoice Is Categorised

Once Aver has received the payment request, the team will file and categorise it to the correct participant and the relevant budget within their plan while also ensuring there is enough funding available.


Invoice Is Submitted

Once the invoice has been categorised and filed, the payment request is then submitted to the NDIS (via the NDIS portal) for approval and ultimately for the funds to be released.


Approved Or Denied

The NDIS will approve or deny the request based on your plan. (If the funds are denied Aver will go back and query why this is the case).


NDIS Release The Funds

If the NDIS approves the payment request, they will then release your funding into a holding account which Aver is able to access.


Payment Is Made!

Aver will access the funds released by the NDIS and process the payment to the nominated bank account.

What We Do

We’ll be there when you need us

Process all of your provider's invoices within 10 days. If there are any problems, we will contact the service provider with your permission.

Communicate directly with your service providers regarding the status of payment requests.

Discuss your plan with you, including what you like and don't like about it.

Provide you with an app which gives you peace of mind and control.

Show you how to access your portal.

Provide you with up-to-date fund balances.

Reimburse you if required.

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