COVID-19 Update

Phone Lines

Australia is experiencing nationwide disruptions to phonelines and it have been made aware that our callers are experiencing issues with our 1300 number advising it is no long connected.  This is not the case.

We encourage callers to try the number again as many are able to be connected with a staff member at Aver.  We understand this is frustrating and time consuming and do apologise.

If your call goes to voicemail, please leave a detailed message and a staff member will be in contact with you by close of business.

Alternative communication options are as follows:

Email is the best option
Log a query via out website
Send a message via Facebook
Send a message via Instagram

Our staff are working extended hours to ensure all queries are responded to within a timely manner.  Whilst it is a difficult time at the moment, we do encourage any of our participants or service providers to get in touch with us.

NDIS Processing Systems

The online NDIS system (government portal) is struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand.  This is due to it sharing an online platform with Centrelink which is also shared with aged care services and medicare.

All claims regardless if a participant is Plan Managed, Agency Managed or Self-Managed are processed via the same system.

Aver has adapted it’s claiming process to submit these requests during quieter times.  We hope this will increase the chances of all claims going through ASAP.

Aver’s processing time remains at 24 – 48 hours upon receipt of an invoice, but we may experience some hold up between the file being successfully uploaded to PRODA.

Aver will contact all service providers and clients if these delays occur and payments are held up.

Invoicing Timeframes

Due to the issues with the NDIS portal, Aver are experiencing longer than usual processing times.

Please Note: The time it takes for Aver to process your invoice via our internal software is still the same, in fact, more staff have become available to ensure we are able to provide a fast turnaround

The most crucial part of the invoicing process is submitting all of the claims our team process throughout the day to the NDIS before close of business.

That system is currently down and we are only able to log on intermittently.

This is due to an unprecedented use of the government platform, which is also used by services such as, Medicare, Centrelink and Aged Care services.

We are endeavouring for all invoices to be processed within our standard 5 – 7 day turn around time, but on some occasions, this will be closer to 7 days and on extreme cases 10 days.

Additional staff are working to ensure we are able to increase out outgoing communications during this time and will continue to advise of any hold ups.